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Creating Web API in ASP.NET Core 2.0

Creating Web API in ASP.NET Core 2.0 GitHub repository Introduction Let's create a Web API with the latest version of ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core. In this guide, we'll use WideWorldImporters database to create a Web API. REST APIs provide at least the following operations: ...
Creating Service Monitor Application with .NET Core GitHub Repository Introduction This guide is about how to create a service monitor application, but what is it? In simple words: it's an application that allows to monitor services in a network and save...
Developing a Microservices architecture with back-end Message Queuing Services to support a front-end Angular 6 application built with Angular Material Design Introduction The Monolith. By definition, a monolith is a geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock, such as a...
Key Takeaways ASP.NET Core has a built-in distributed caching interface. Performance, shared data, and durability are the primary benefits of distributed caching. Couchbase Server is a memory-first database that is great for use as a distributed cache. NuGet packages...
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