GitHub is a great platform that allows developers to share their open-source projects with the world. There are a lot of repositories out there that can help you as a developer by providing great value for you. So no matter what type of developer you are, you should always take the advantage of GitHub.

In this article, I decided to curate some useful GitHub repository that you can benefit from as a web developer. Let’s get right into it.

1. Developer Roadmap

The developer roadmap is one of the popular useful repositories that you should know. It has over 153.000 GitHub stars, which means that it’s very useful.

This repository contains a lot of charts and images demonstrating the paths you can take and the technologies you need depending on what type of developer you want to become(backend, frontend, etc). So it’s a web developer’s roadmap that helps you choose your path.

capture from GitHub by author.

2. Public APIs

Public APIs is an extremely useful repository that has over 116.000 GitHub stars. It curates a list of different types of APIs that you can use as a web developer or a software developer in general. Almost any type of API you will need is available in this repository.

The APIs cover a lot of topics such as anime, business, movies, animals, cryptocurrency, and a lot more. You can check it out by yourself.

capture from GitHub by author.

3. You Don’t Know JS Yet

This repository is one of the popular and useful JavaScript book series by Kyle Simpson. It has over 136.000 GitHub stars and it covers the important parts of JavaScript that you need to understand(scope, closures, classes, etc).

This is very useful if you want to have a good understanding of the important JavaScript concepts. It’s completely free, you don’t have to pay anything.

capture from GitHub by author.

4. JavaScript Questions

This repository was created by Lydia Hallie and it has over 30.000 stars on GitHub. It contains a lot of intermediate to advanced JavaScript questions with their explanations.

It’s an awesome repository if you want to test your JavaScript knowledge or prepare for interviews. The repository is available in many different languages as well.

capture from GitHub by author.

5. The gitignore templates

Whenever you want to create a GitHub repository for your project, you should always have a .gitignore file to filter what you want to upload. So this repository gives you a collection of useful .gitignore file templates that you can use on your projects.

The repository has over 116.000 GitHub stars and it also contains gitignore templates for almost all programming languages.

capture from GitHub by author.

6. Clean JavaScript Code

Clean-code-javascript is an awesome repository that helps you to write clean JavaScript code. It takes the concepts of Robert C. Martin’s book and adapts them for JavaScript.

This repository has almost 50.000 stars on GitHub. So it’s very useful if you want to write clean JavaScript code.

capture from GitHub by author.


As you can see, all these GitHub repositories are very useful for you as a web developer. That’s a lot of free valuable content that you can benefit from. So you can improve your skills just with GitHub.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it useful.