Hi Friends, I hope you all are doing well. Being a great programmer/coder you should have learning attitude for long term, This is all about creating logic according to your thinking. If you are able to code your thinking as program logic, it seems like you have the ability for being a good programmer. This is not a sort term goal that you will achieve in estimated time frame. It will take more time to become a great programmer, there is no limit of learning new things. As a programmer you should always learn new skills as possible. Don’t try shortcut, because shortcut is often wrong-cut. Think about IT sector. This is the fastest growing industry in the world, you can assume that today there are number of languages as well as framework that you have to learn as a programmer. If you sit with a language skill & you think this is enough, in coming days you will not be able to work with new skills. As a beginner programmer, never underestimated the power of daily practice. Keep learning new skills with proper implementation as possible. If you are planning to develop your career as programmer, this is not a simple goal that you will achieve in sort time. You should have analytical skills so that you can fight with problem solving, you need to practice you core skills for long term with patience. Always be on the top for learning new skills, you can not stop yourself from learning new skills, this will go as parallel while you are working, During working as programmer/developer, you have to be problem solver. A great programmer is responsible for solving all aspect of complex problems within estimated time. You should have to be good communication skills as well. Lack of communication you will not able to negotiate with your customer/client properly, you can not handle project as per requirements. So being good communication skills will help you a lot because talent is noting without proper implementation. Furthermore, you will learn how to work in a development team. Team management is one of the most important part that every programmer should know. It’s all about organizational behavior, that should be maintained in the professional life . Programming requires peaceful environment with well disciplined team staff. In terms of career development in software industries, you need to be more dynamic with fast learning attitude. Programming requires revision in proper way, once you learn new things, practice daily what you have learnt in past is very important, because you learnt that is extended. So basic logic skills is required in terms of learning new programming language. I recommended you to learn C programming First, Once you learn C basics concept, furthermore you can enhance your skills as a programmer. Today i am describing some important points that should consider while building your career as a great programmer. 

RESEARCH YOUR STRENGTH I highly recommended you to research first about your strength and weaknesses. If you are sound for creating your own logic, it means programming is good choice for you. If you are creative in your visualization and imagination go through design skills like – web designing, web development. If your are smart enough for creating logic in terms of software functionalities go through window programming unlike web skills. 

ESTIMATE TIME TO LEARN Think about your personal assumptions. you are not a single programmer in the world. There are number of programmers like you. So think about future how long you will take to learn a particular language. You should know what you are doing and what will be consequences. How fast you learn is very important in terms of development. Once you identify your time frame, start learning basic. 

START LEARNING BASIC FIRST Basic knowledge is required. If you don’t know basic you can not proceed as a programmer, finally you will switch to other planning. Learn basic of programming as possible. Start learning “C Programming” you can understand better if you read – “Let us C”, This will guide you in easy language. Code execution is important so practice daily. Once you learn C program basic, now yo u are able to learn any programming language. Basic like – variable declaration, Operators, Functions, Array e.t.c these things you have to implement in other programming languages as well. 

DO’NT GIVE-UP  Determine yourself, how long you will stay with a problem. Problem arises every time during development of the projects. Very first determination is most important. Because programming is so broad, it will take time to become master. Most of the candidates change their profile because of less interest on current profile. Their passion is different from working attitude. Always prefer a job which you love most, you will never have to work a day in your life. 

READ PROGRAM PROPERLY Revision is also important for any programmer. When you learn new skills, Only 20–25% will remain in your mind, 80–85% you will loss, but if you revise what you have learnt in past, your growth rate is better unlike other programmers. You need to play like all rounder. So keep learning with proper revision. During revision you will face some bugs, don’t ignore repeat the program until you understand better. 

IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS  I have already discuss communication skill required for any organization. If your communication is poor, you can’t negotiate properly, you can’t understand the actual requirement of the client. Good communication skills plays a vital role in the team management. It’s very important that how you treat with other employees and seniors. They will always try to find bug in your code, don’t be frustrate. be learning attitude. 

DON’T FEEL PRESSURE DURING WORK  Software development is a life cycle, during development may be it will take more time with more problem solving. If you are a developer, believe me initially you will be in pressure of work completion, So avoid pressure and keep on work track as usual. Working in pressure will give you feedback in long term. Sometime you need to work overtime and you will not get paid for that. So avoid stress and feel energetic at work place. 

WORK FOR SMALL PROJECT  If you really want to be a good programmer, start your work in small project. Starting form small project will guide you better. Furthermore you can work for larger project. Once you learn basic trends of development, you will be able to work for large project. Step by step make you grow higher and higher. If you start from large project, it will take more time to understand better. For instance if you are a web developer and you have started your career with CMS like WordPress, you can’t learn technical anymore. If you learn basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript you will be able to develop at list static web page, further you will develop large website like e-commerce site. 

CHOOSE A RIGHT LANGUAGE  Choose a language you love, than start working on that. You have to be comprehensive mind but you should have good command in a particular language in which you have interest. Because if you are a programmer, anybody can ask you – In which programming language you usually work ? so what is your answer, you have head “An empty vessel makes much noise”.  

LEARN FRAMEWORKS Today the most popular framework is .NET Framework. Most large web apps, window apps are developed using .NET Framework. If you don’t know tools frameworks you will not be able to work for standard software project. Even you can’t get good job. Framework knowledge is required for large project development. 

ALWAYS TRY NEW LANGUAGE  Always try to learn new language. learning attitude will remain always i already told you. In order to stay in software development, you need to be prepare always for learning new languages. Analysis about you growth, If you keep on learning attitude, gradually you will become the master. This is a long term process no doubt.