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VITA – A Powerful and Flexible ORM and Additional Building Blocks for .NET Applications

Going over key features of the VITA open source ORM and .net application framework, with sample SPAs using the MVC/AngularJS/WebApi/VITA technology stack. Forums Example Solution - 2.4 MB Northwind Example Solution - 2.4 MB Basic Example Solution - 2.2 MB Mo+ VITA Templates - 216.8 KB Background VITA is an open source ORM and .net application framework developed by Roman Ivantsov.  Some of you may know Roman as the developer of the powerful Irony parser and .net language implementation [More]

Package of the week: BenchmarkDotNet

The week in .NET – On .NET on Docker and new Core tooling, Benchmark.NET, Magicka | .NET Blog --> When done properly, benchmarking is a great way to guide your engineering choices by comparing multiple solutions to a problem known to cause performance bottlenecks in your applications. There’s a lot of methodology involved if you want to do it right, however, that is both tricky and repetitive. And no, surrounding your code with a Stopwatch won’t cut it. Be [More]

Polyglot Persistence Using DDD and Repository Unit of Work

Working with different data stores (SQL, NoSQL ..) in high performance enterprise application using DDD and Repository unit of work pattern Download source code from Github Introduction Traditional business applications usually use a relational database to store data and use this database as an integration point. That entails designing sets of relational tables and accessing them with a single data access layer in code, as well as using an ORM to convert relational tables to an OOP structure [More]

Web API Architecture And Dependency Injection Best Practices

This article explains the Web API best practices for architecture and Dependency Injection, using Unity and other options available for Dependency Injection. From last few years, Web API is becoming very popular and these days, a lot of projects are going on with Web API. Thousands of projects have been developed using Web API. If someone is working on Web API, then its architecture and best practices are the most important things, which enable the developer to create one of the best application [More]

Message Broker Pattern using C#

This article outlines the C# code implementation for the popular message broker pattern generally used in common problems which involves brokering of messages with arbitrary type. Introduction This article extensively covers the C# code implementation for the message broker pattern typically found as a solution to the message brokering / routing in enterprise software products. A detailed description about the pattern is available at the following URLs: [More]

Microsoft's Plans for the Future of .NET

Microsoft's Mads Torgersen has shared an updated strategy for the .NET family of languages, providing insight into the comapny's thinking for future functionality.  Although the development of C#, VB .NET, and F# happens in public over GitHub, Microsoft’s long-term plans have frequently been kept private.  Torgersen's announcement is useful in that Microsoft's current way of thinking is now available for public review and commentary. Torgersen notes that accor [More]