Xamarin is a cross-platform implementation of the Common Language Specifications (also called Microsoft.Net) and Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). This platform gets its name from a Microsoft company based in California. Through Xamarin’s cross-platform platform, you can build and design mobile applications employing a single language. Along with iOS and Android apps, Xamarin can be used to churn out Windows Phone applications as well.

You name the domain and you have a Xamarin app that comes up with advantages and functionalities. Be in the field of healthcare, manufacturing, gaming, technology or hospitality, the list of multi-domain functionalities of Xamarin apps is endless and so are their capabilities.

For all those who are inquisitive to know about all such popular Xamarin apps that have been and will make their strong presence felt in the coming 2018, here they are.

1. Olo- An Online Platform to Order Food


Offering a seamless food ordering app called Olo, this Xamarin-based mobile app lives by the promise of helping restaurants deliver accurately and quickly to their esteemed clients. Supporting food delivery activities right from taking food orders all the way to delivery, the Olo app comes as a single-window interface to satiate your hunger cravings.

Wrapping the offerings with a personalized service, Olo has tied-up with more than 150 restaurant brands supported by 30 million end users. Primarily developed using mobile DevOps, a revamp caused the app to take the support of Xamarin so that restaurants can garner goodwill through superior customer engagement.

2. The World Bank Survey App- An App For Global Surveys

world bank

Blending Xamarin with the capabilities of Visual Studio, The World Bank came up with an app that can be employed to conduct surveys on a global scale. Doing away with the earlier practices incorporated by international financial institutions, The World Bank Survey App simplified the survey activities in more ways than one.

where the Xamarin based survey app  collates information from thousands of respondents on tablets. To top it all, this app can be relied on the strength of its data confidentiality feature that shields your comments and opinions to fall in the eyes of other respondents.

3. Storyo – An App That Helps You Create Videos from Pictures


Storyo is a Xamarin-based app that helps you come up with interesting videos from photographs. You can also tag your video with details like time and place along with other contextual information that will mirror your story telling abilities. This narrative interface featuring captivating videos is compatible with multiple platforms along with a feature that allows users across 170 countries to access your videos; in a jiffy!

4. FreshDirect – Your Friendly Online Food Grocer


Featuring a huge catalog of more than 15,000 products, FreshDirect is a Xamarin offering that allows you to source your groceries from the comfort of your homes. With a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) that helps marketers track their inventory through an identification code, FreshDirect is the product of multiple technologies.

Along with Xamarin Test Cloud, this online grocery app makes use of the concepts of Visual Studio and HockeyApp that makes it compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

5. Insightly – A Comprehensive CRM and Project Management Application


This is a one-stop solution for various businesses operating in different verticals. It was created for businesses to monetize their strategies through updated information. Powered by Xamarin, this business-centric mobile app which is compatible with iOS and Androiddevices shares pertinent information to its users.

6. Just Giving – An Philanthropic Interface

Just Giving

To give is to care. If you are one amongst those citizens who feels for the underprivileged and are keen to return something to the society, then JustGiving will help you fulfill your wish. Identified as an online platform for charity, this Xamarin-powered app connects you with donors and fundraisers from across 164 countries. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, JustGiving offers features like tracking collected funds, calls for donations along with sharing your benevolent cause to all the registered users.

7. Evolve – The All-In-One Event-Based Informative App

Any bit of information that you may need is right on your fingertips. Sign up with the Xamarin-powered Evolve app and you are all covered. Evolve, which supports a beautiful user-interface helps you stay abreast with latest happenings along with a tailor-made calendar that enlists favorite orators who will mesmerize you with their speeches.

Tagged as a go-to-event-guide, Evolve comes across as a useful guide, mapping your interests with sessions that are being conducted by eminent speakers. Along with a list of sessions with abstracts, Evolve becomes a handy tool to welcome the wisdom and knowledge of inspiring narrators while enabling you to share your opinion as constructive feedback to a particular session.

8. SuperGiant Games – A PC-Game Compatible with iPhones


If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you should not miss trying your hand at the SuperGiant Games mobile app. This game, primarily developed for PCs and Xbox, is now a Xamarin-based mobile app that is presented in the dual forms of classic and touch-screen.

The transformation from PC to mobile can be witnessed at every game level which converted weaponry and game characters to feature a touch-based interface that is common with mobiles. Employing Xamarin as the coding platform worked in favor of the app when the app disabled many challenges along with garnering the Editor’s Choice award on the iTunes store.

9. Skulls of the Shogun – Another Multi-Platform Gaming App

Skulls of the Shogun

If you love the feel to be a part of magnificent gaming kingdoms or wish to toy with fighting games, then the Skulls of the Shogun mobile gaming app provides you the rush of adrenaline.

Employing the techniques of Xamarin and Monogame, this game takes pride in its 1,800 five-star ratings and reviews on Google Play Store with multi player feature along with a provision to play on different consoles and platforms.

10. Thermo Fisher Scientific – An App that Blends Science with IoT

Thermo Fisher Scientific

If you are on the lookout for a techno-scientific mobile app that seamlessly blends life sciences with IoT (Internet of Things), then Thermo Fisher Scientific is the perfect bet. Predominantly hand holding genetic scientists to come up with multiple copies of DNA in a short time span, this research and development (R&D) mobile app teams with PCR Essentials App.

This combination of apps facilitates the monitoring of progress from anywhere. Another star attraction of this app is that it cuts down the number of manual machine checks. All thanks to Xamarin, a significant 75% reduction in development time was possible along with providing another user-friendly platform to conduct R&D activities through mobiles.

11. APX – An Interface That Tracks Environmental Assets

Mobiles come in as perfect communication tools, especially when it involves field service technicians. Ordained to install, maintain and repair electronic, electrical and engineering equipment, these engineering technicians can bank on the Xamarin-powered APX app.

Through this environmental-friendly app, field service mechanics can communicate and operate through body gestures and hands-free speech features. A perfect coordination between aerial and ground staff is possible through the APX app which captures and tracks work-in-progress through pictures and videos. An additional benefit is to get informed through alerts coming from other systems.

12) MRW App

This app helps you track your company shipments and know their status anytime and anywhere. Being a pioneer to e-commerce and logistics it’s been a necessity to have a mobile app that works across cross-platforms. Using this app you can locate the other offices of MRW and also get in touch with us through various communication channels like customer service, website or through the social media.

13) CA Mobile

This app was created to provide a safe and native mobile experience for the customers of famous Portugal based bank, Credito Agricola. The CA Mobile app lets you access your bank account anytime and anywhere from various devices. You can get details regarding your account summary, transactions, card details, recharges and other value-added services.

14) Novarum Reader

Novarum DX is a test platform for both diagnostics and pharmaceutical market. Avoiding the traditional method of lateral flow test, the company wanted users to be provided with the option of analyzing results via a smartphone camera. For this, the Novorum reader app was created which was the first ever diagnostic software that worked without hardware. According to your need, the app can be customized in case of reading and the reporting system.

15) Captio

Expense Reports: With this app, you can forget all the paper works regarding your expenses. Because this app transforms your smartphone into a customized tool that can help you calculate all your travel expenses.

This digital partner of your travel and expense provides information for business account management details, VAT details, credit card payments, supervises the accounts and even helps in business accounting.

16) PictureX

This is a free, fun-to-use, easy app made with Xamarin that lets you collect and arrange all your favourite photos with friends’ or family in the same folder. The company aims at providing their customers the option of exchanging pictures with other users. Permission to access the photo, share and download it is only given by the user.

17) Vanderlande

This app lets the employees trace the parcels automatically using the scan bar or the QR codes. By integrating the Xamarin platform, the app was found to showcase a better user interface and it also becomes easier for employees who don’t know English. This, in turn, helps in improving their operational activities and expanding logistics with greater services.

18) Alaska Airlines

This app is a complete air travel partner that lets you solve all your dilemma regarding the flight information right from booking the tickets, check-in, select a seat, change a seat, order your favourite food etc. You can even use this app to get your boarding pass and use it at the security checkpoints also. Users also have the option to integrate their calendar details so that all your travel information is lined up within the app.

The Last Word

With multidisciplinary options that Xamarin apps have to offer, you can welcome 2018 with a high level of confidence and preparedness. Making the most of Xamarin’s cross-platform app development technology, you will be poised to expand your customer base with the inclusion of various mobile platforms.