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Developing Enterprise Apps using Xamarin.Forms - Source Code Detail

Easy to get started sample reference microservice and container based application (Currently in ALPHA state, ongoing progress, accepting feedback and pull-requests). Cross-platform on Linux and Windows Containers, powered by .NET Core and Docker engine. Supports .CSPROJ with Visual Studio 2017 and also CLI based environments with Docker CLI, dot… eShopOnContainers - Microservices Architecture and Containers based Reference Application (BETA state - Visual Studio 2017 and CLI environments [More]

Developing Enterprise Apps using Xamarin.Forms

After many years working with developers of enterprise apps, we know that they face several challenges, including: App requirements that can change over time New business opportunities and challenges Ongoing feedback during development that can significantly affect the scope and requirements of the app With these in mind, it’s important to build apps that are both flexible and that can be easily modified or extended over time. Designing for such flexibility can be difficult, as it r [More]