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ASP.NET Core : Overview Of Dependency Injection

Introduction A software developer writes a lot of code that is tightly coupled; and when complexity grows, the code will eventually deteriorate into spaghetti code; in other words, the application design being a bad design. Dependency Injection (DI) is a pattern where objects are not responsible for creating their own dependencies. Dependency Injection is a way to remove hard-coded dependencies among objects, making it easier to replace an object's dependencies, either for testing (using mock ob [More]

Web API Architecture And Dependency Injection Best Practices

This article explains the Web API best practices for architecture and Dependency Injection, using Unity and other options available for Dependency Injection. From last few years, Web API is becoming very popular and these days, a lot of projects are going on with Web API. Thousands of projects have been developed using Web API. If someone is working on Web API, then its architecture and best practices are the most important things, which enable the developer to create one of the best application [More]